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The Gloaming in studio

New video of the band performing “The Pilgrim’s Song” from forthcoming second album

The Gloaming at NCH, Dublin. Photo: Hugh McCabe http://tracesofthereal.com

Wed, Feb 3, 2016, 18:50


The Gloaming’s second album is due later this month, ahead of the band’s run of five sold-out shows at Dublin’s National Concert Hall. The opening track on the album is “The Pilgrim’s Song”, which brings together two Seán Ó Ríordáin poems namely A Sheanfhilí, Múinídh Dom Glao and Oilithreacht Fám Anam, and here’s a video of the band performing the track during recording sessions in Real World Studios last December. Watch out for a forthcoming special report and interview in the paper from the recording sessions for the album.

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