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Would you pay €816,000 for the Smashing Pumpkins?

Figures released following the collapse of Australia’s Soundwave festival casts light on festival fees

Buddy, can you spare €312,075.70?

Mon, Jan 25, 2016, 14:13


It’s always interesting to get the low-down on just how much your favourite act gets for playing a festival or big show. The collapse of the Soundwave festival in Australia has meant that those who were owed money by the event, especially the acts who played the event last year, want to get paid and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has the skinny on the amounts in question.

You’ll find all the figures here. Aside from the size of the fee which The Smashing Pumpkins are still commanding, some of the other ones which caught our eye included Ministry (€131,430), Marilyn Manson (€131,405.79), Slash (€312,075.70 – bet he’ll be getting more on the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour), Soundgarden (€1.372 million) and Faith No More (€483,453). Irish band Raglans are out of pocket to the tune of €7,120 as a result of the festival’s collapse. One interesting entry in the creditors’ list is Live Nation Worldwide Inc who are owed over €760,000 by the festival, though the reason for the outstanding cash is not given.

There’s also a bit of a stand-off between festival promoter AJ Maddah and ticketing company Eventopia over refunds for the 2016 event, which was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. By all accounts, this story still has some way to run so here’s an excellent long-read by Michael Carr on the whole saga to date.