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The wrap is taking names

Including Hector Zazou, frequent flyers, naked sportsmen, Marky Ramone, The Jam, David Bowie and heavy metal

What your air miles and frequent flyer points used to give you

Mon, Jan 25, 2016, 09:36


(1) The tallest man in RTE, Dan Hegarty, kindly gave me a spare copy of Hector Zazou’s superb (and hard to come by) 1994 album “Songs From the Cold Seas” he found while record-shopping in Groningen. For those who want to begin their Zazou voyage, there’s a great read about the musician and composer born Pierre Job from Red Bull Music Academy here. “Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu” from the album, featuring Bjork, below

(2) Frequent flyers should fasten their seatbelts as there’s turbulence ahead: a state of the airline nation piece on what your air miles will get you in 2016

(3) What’s next for heavy metal?: “Considering that many of the genre’s godfathers will likely retire in a few years, where do things will go from here? Will we see heavy bands on the superstar level of Metallica and Iron Maiden ever again? Will that classic sound become a nostalgic relic relegated to oldies bins? Or will it mutate into something else?”

(4) So you want to work for Twitter, do you? Here’s the long and the short of the interview process at various tech heavyweights. Guess I’ll stick to this gig – or go work for Lego

(5) Prepare to dive in as Jason Goss rounds up the best music journalism of 2015. Lots of killer pieces in here so make a sandwich and fill your Instapaper or Pocket boots.

(6) The Bowie lists: Ziggy Stardust’s 25 favourite albums in his own words from Vanity Fair in November 2013 plus the list of his 100 favourite books.

(7) Gabba gabba hey: Marky Ramone on his life as a Ramone from Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone

(8) The story of the Now That’s What I Call Music! series, from the title derived from a picture of a pig talking to a rooster to the way it has survived in spite of the rise of digital music and streaming services.

(9) What the world needs now is GAA players giving post-match interviews in the nip: the naked truth about dressing room interviews.

(10) Memo for anyone putting together a music strand for a film festival: add Bob Smeaton’s doc about The Jam to you list. The Jam: About the Young Idea tells the story of the band from Woking to the world using archive live footage, new interviews with the band, associates and famous and not-so famous fans.