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Fallow Media opens for business

New online platform seeks contributors, readers and subscribers

Image from Tadhg O'Sullivan's film The Great Wall

Tue, Aug 25, 2015, 14:24


Many OTR readers will know Ian Maleney as a regular writer for this paper (his interview with Micachu & The Shapes today is well worth reading) and other outlets, as well as stints putting on shows and making music.

Maleney has now set up Fallow Media as a publishing platform for such creative works as new writing, photography, music and more. The plan is to publish online in interesting ways essays, interviews, features, reviews, new music, photos and anything else which the writer/artist/creator believes will work on the site.

Unlike a lot of new online media plays, Fallow Media has no templates, ads, forms or analytics, just new work presented in the best possible light once or twice a week (I doubt you’ll be reading 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Offaly listicles here). The money to pay the bills will, Maleney hopes, come from people shelling out a subscription fee of €3 per month.

To get an idea of the expanse of material which the site hopes to feature, check out Maleney’s essay on borders inspired by film-maker Tadhg O’Sullivan’s new work The Great Wall or an audio/visual preview of a forthcoming release by Mvestle.

Those who wish to find out more about Fallow Media or who’d like to contribute or subscribe can contact info@fallowmedia.com.