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From the paper: the Rastas and reggae

Examining the fascinating links between the Rastafari religion and Jamaican music

Rasta icon Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie and his family

Wed, Aug 19, 2015, 15:40


When it comes to fascinating compilations, few can beat the Soul Jazz label. Over the last couple of years, the London label has released a rake of great records collating scenes as diverse as New York voguing, Garifuna music, Miami funk, bossa nova, UK funky and experimental German electronic music, as well as releases which have rekindled interest in such acts as the Lijadu Sisters, Steve Colson, Lloyd McNeill, Santeria and others.

Reggae, though, remains their main bag – they’re set to remaster and reissue their best-selling “100% Dynamite” compiation – and the latest release from that side of the house is “Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83″, which examines the links between the Rastas and reggae music. It’s a fascinating compilation and you’ll find my piece on it here (there’s also an album review and a piece for RTE Radio One’s Arena if you want more).