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Music Collection – Dave Clarke

From Tindersticks and The Ruts to It’s Immaterial and (yes!) Jim Caroll, 10 out-takes from Dave Clarke’s non-techno music collection

Dave Clarke

Tue, Jul 28, 2015, 10:04


You will know Dave Clarke as the peerless techno DJ, producer and broadcaster, the man behind a rattle of great nights out and the kind of tunes which still send a tingle up and down your spin. But there’s more to Clarke than techno and he kindly went through his music collection to come up with a “this is what I listen to outside of techno” list for us. Dave’s 500th White Noise radio show will be broadcast on 2fm on Saturday next from 10pm.

(1) Jim Carroll “It’s Too Late”

Of course I have to choose Jim’s namesake here… From the album “Catholic Boy”, this has incredible lyrics. Jim was an amazing poet and these lyrics summon up my disdain of the commercial Tech House scene:

It’s too late
There’s no one left that I even wanna imitate
You see, you just don’t know
I’m here to give you my heart and you want some fashion show

But it ain’t no contribution
To rely on an institution
To validate your chosen art
And to sanction your boredom and let you play out your part”

(2) The Stranglers “Aural Sculpture”

I adore most of the music from The Stranglers. My favourite album is “European Feline”, but I love the lesson held within “Aural Sculpture” – prophetic.

(3) The Ruts “S.U.S”

There was punk written by crayons (Sex Pistols), there was pretend punk with the occasional groundbreaking track by The Clash and then there were the Ruts, political and menacing and English. Anyone who tells me that punk originated from the US can really go fuck themselves.

(4) The Damned “Machine Gun Etiquette”

My solid album through the times, always there, always something to learn from. Saw them live a few times, can still do what is necessary. Looking forward to their biopic film.

(5) It’s Immaterial “Driving Away From Home”

Always reminds me of my homeless time, which was thankfully a short period of my life, but is always still in the back of my mind. Dreaming lyrics that gave me hope about my past situation.

(6) Dave Clarke “Daydreaming”

Now for me to mention my namesake…I believe this chap is Irish. I looked him up after seeing his name on my twitter feed, then bought this track. Very very cool summer music, which from Ireland must be inspired by television programmes, as in all my years of going, I’ve only ever had one summer day there since 1994.

(7) Scout Niblett “Can’t Fool Me Now”

I love to listen to music with dynamics and emotion during the week. This track, which is off the sublime “It’s Up to Emma” LP, is from the heart and is pure magic, outstanding and inspirational.

(8) Tindersticks “Show Me Everything”

I heard this in the background in a shop in Hong Kong and instantly fell in love with it. Music is a gift when found like that, especially when it becomes part of your life’s soundtrack. His voice in this is stunning, juxtaposed with many angelic “Show Me”. Angry with myself for not knowing about this before, especially as they have been around for so many years. The album this comes from (“The Something Rain”) is also amazing.

(9) Sigur Ros “Popplagiõ”

I stumbled across this whilst late night channel surfing and I do not believe I even took a breath for its whole duration. I was stupefied by its power, atmosphere and melancholic beauty. This will cleanse your soul, a lesson in the conveyance of a message by a band that has amazing communication between all its members.

(10) Gary Numan “Love Needs No Disguise”

Of course, he is responsible for many electronic masterpieces – that much is now history – but this track is surprisingly emotional and always a pleasure to rediscover.

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