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Music Futures

An afternoon of discussions about what comes next for music in Dublin as part of 12 Points and MusicTown

Thu, Apr 9, 2015, 09:50


It sometimes seems as if every week feaures a music festival or gathering of one ilk or another happening in the capital. Next week sees the return of the excellent 12 Points to Dublin’s Project Arts Centre, four nights of next-generation European jazz players showing us what they’ve got. Meanwhile, the inaugural MusicTown festival gets into the swing of things from tomorrow with a huge swathe of events happening over 10 days around the city.

Music Futures is an event which bridges the two. Put together by the Improvised Music Company, the folks behind 12 Points, it’s an afternoon of disucssions about music, audiences, spaces and collaborations within the city now and in the future featuring a bunch of interesting people with opinions and perspectives on these issues.

Most of all, these discussions will address a simple question: what does it actually mean to be a music town? We know that Dublin is a city full of musicians of every stripe, but what can be done by all interested parties – cultural, corporate, city and community bodies – to generate and sustain work for Irish artists, create new work through shared cultural initiatives, and, ultimately, unite and grow audiences? With Dublin bidding to be EU Capital of Culture in 2020, it’s a set of questions you’ll hear teased out again and again in the coming years.

Music Futures takes place at Smock Alley Theatre on Friday April 17. Doors open at 2pm and there will be three panels, all chaired by myself, which will look at Dublin’s prospects as a music town under a number of different headings.

Future Audiences will feature panelists Laurence Mackin (arts editor, The Irish Times), Trevor O’Shea (Bodytonic Music), Aisling O’Gorman (music programmer at The Ark) and Áine Mangaoang (musicologist and postdoctoral research fellow at Dublin City University currently working on “Mapping Popular Music in Dublin”).

Future Collaborations will hear from Tony Sheehan (Triskel, Cork), Myles O’Reilly (Arbutus Yarns), Aoife Woodlock (Other Voices) and Niamh Bushnell (Dublin Commissioner for Start-Ups).

The panelists for the discussion on Future Spaces will be Laura G. Dovn (Block T), Shane Latimer (musician and founding member of the Bottlenote Collective and 12 Rutland Place), Mark Muphy (Choice Cuts and the Sugar Club) and Ciara Scanlan (founder of MART).

Music Futures ends with a performance by a 12 Points supergroup featuring 12 musicians from Alarmist, OKO and RedivideR put together specially for the event.

Admission to the event is free and tickets can be booked here.