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The randomiser says “kick out the jams”

Electric Picnic campsites, instant gratification, Do the Right Thing at 25, Dev Hynes, Ibiza, boycotts, Bob Marley’s “Legend”, “99 Problems” and much more

Do the Right Thing 25 years on

Wed, Aug 27, 2014, 09:27


Exclusive: this is what the Electric Picnic campsite could look like in 72 hours time, y’all. More amazing festival visuals by Gemma Correll can be found here.

Electric Arena tent headliners at the Electric Picnic will be James Murphy (Friday), SBTRKT (Saturday) and Mogwai (Sunday). Full stage lines here.

Festival backlash: do we really need an indie rock festival anymore? With so many American festivals competing for dollars, is positioning festivals like First City and FYF as indie-centric a smart move? Or are these festivals filling a gap for fans now that events like Coachella are going dance mad? NPR’s A Rational Conversation poses – and partly answers – the questions. No mention of Oxegen, mind.

The death of patience: why instant gratification is all the rage – and why it’s such a pain in the hoop

The revolution will be air-conditioned: how the arrival of air conditioning changed modern American society and economics

Bands and brands, part 103,227: why Honda’s $50 million music play for music content is not just not working. Cue a clatter of consultants

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Six across: why the ongoing demise of printed newspapers means an uncertain future of the crossword puzzle, which hit its century last year

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Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing 25 years on, with the director revisiting Stuyvesant Avenue (or Do the Right Thing Way) and a rocking block party with Dave Chappelle, Wesley Snipes, Mos Def, Erykah Badu and Public Enemy

Captain Boycott: artists and ethics

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99 problems, 21 years

Why underground rap in 2014 is a freak scene you really need to investigate

Jamming: how Bob Marley’s posthumous “Legend” turned him into a household name

The economics of anonymous apps like Whisper. Though, given the way some of the “stories” which pop up on Whisper or Secret turn out to be complete and utter porkies, should hopefully give some pause for thought.

David Byrne time: the man formerly in the big white suit on artists’ rights, streaming and touring

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