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Formula 1 pit stops, Dublin Writers Festival, Shane MacGowan, a decade of Gmail, mixtapes, the $100 million Newsweek, Robert Moses, anthropologists and much more

The godfather of hip-hop: Robert Moses. Photo: Dan Mccoy/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

Tue, May 6, 2014, 09:39


Vroom! 60 years of Foruma 1 pit stops

You’ve got mail: the story of how Gmail came about a decade ago.

The writers are coming: full programme for the Dublin Writers Festival, which takes place across the city from May 17 to 25, is here. Some of youse will like the look of the eve-of-the-elections Faber Social (Button Factory, May 22), which will feature Viv Albertine from the Slits talking to Sinead Gleeson, pop professor Bob Stanley talking about his magnificent Yeah Yeah Yeah opus to myself and a live set from Idiot Songs.

Fascinating story about Washington DC hardcore drummer Jason Hamacher and his journey to Syria to record the world’s oldest but least known sacred music involving ancient Christian chants and secretive Sufi orders

Have you listened to the Beyonce album since it was released? David Hepworth on how the means of delivery are sometimes more exciting than the thing being delivered.

Career guidance: why companies are hiring anthropologists

How New York City urban planner Robert Moses was just as important in the development of hip-hop as any B-boy

The future of journalism: a look inside the newsroom behind Coca Cola’s digital magazine Journey (an Irish edition coming soon per the piece)

Not the future of journalism: indepth piece on Newsweek, the Daily Beast, Tina Brown and the $100 million which went down the swanny.

From the archives: fascinating 1988 report by John McCready on the then nascent Detroit techno scene plus, from 1986, Barry Walters heads to Chicago to report on house music, “the boldest dance music on the planet” for Spin.

What you’ll be wearing in 2019

The magic is in the detail: how great brands are all about the small details which you rarely see or notice.

In praise of the complex art of mixtape seduction

Meet Lord Jamar, hip-hop’s most conservative rapper.


Some fascinating docs from Dazed in their Music Nation series including James Jessit’s Bristol Bass Odyssey on that city’s slo-mo soundtrack, Soap the Stamps on the UK hardcore scene, Berkshire Goes Balearic on one of the many summers of love and Brandy & Coke on the golden days of UK garage. Here’s the trailer for final episode in the series Jungle Fever, the story of jungle as told by scene veterans like the Ragga Twins, Skibadee and DJ Hype.

John Jeremiah Sullivan on the trail of Bunny Wailer, the last remaining member of Bob Marley’s original band

Does anyone want a coffee? How the AeroPress was invented

There’s someone in there: how psychology, gender roles, and design explain the distinctive way we behave in the world’s public bathrooms

Being James Brown: Jonathan Lethem’s superb profile of Mister Superbad from Rolling Stone magazine in 2006

Being Shane MacGowan: Rivers Of Gold is a forthcoming two day symposium on the life and music of Shane MacGowan to be held this year at Nenagh Arts Centre, close to Carney where the Pogues’ frontman grew up. Besides the academic symposium, the event will also feature a panel discussion, live music performances, screenings of films and archive footage. Those who want to contribute an academic paper should email the Centre with 500 word proposals by June 16 on macgowansymposium@gmail.com

40 years of hip-hop: KRS One lays down the law