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SXSW snapshots: Chef, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jurgen Klinsmann

A great film for foodies, an exceptional speaker on science and a German football maestro who doesn’t rate Everton

John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony and Jon Favreau in Chef, which opened the SXSW Film fest on Friday

Mon, Mar 10, 2014, 13:14


SXSW 2014 is open for business. Over the next week, we’ll be throwing some snapshots your way about what’s happening in downtown Austin.


A good natured charmer from Jon Favreau about a chef who swaps a high-stress gig in a Los Angeles kitchen for a food truck selling Cuban sandwiches, a road trip from Miami back to LA via New Orleans and Austin and some pretty cool father-son bonding. Favreau, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey Jr. may have great roles, but the real star of the show is the food. The first film since Big Night to make you leave the cinema with your stomach growling.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

This is how SXWW rolls and the first star of the show turns out to be an astrophysicist. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a superb communicator and his keynote is a pure delight as he debunks and deciphers science with compelling yarns, top stories and stand-up zingers. “One reason we should go space: You know the dinosaurs would have gone there if they could have. Dinosaurs didn’t have opposable thumbs or a space program, though.” Really makes you want to watch his new TV series Cosmos ASAP.

Jurgen Klinsmann

You may well wonder what the hell the former German international was doing here and you can chalk that down to SXSW’s new sports strand. These days, Jurgen Klinsmann earns his cash as USA football team coach and technical director for US Soccer and his SXSW slot (an interview with the excellent Roger Bennett from Men In Blazers, covered a lot of ground. Aside from Klinsmann’s thoughts on what’s ahead for the USA in Brazil, how to change the perception of football in the country and why he thinks American players still need to go abroad to plat a higher level, the German also revealed a wicked sense of humour, especially when it came to dismissing Everton. Asked if they were a great team, he replied ‘no, they’re a nice team’.