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New Music bumper edition

A half-dozen new arrivals on the New Music radar, namely Blue Hawaii, Iyes, On An On, Cousins, To Kill A King and London Grammar

Blue Hawaii pulling up to the bumper

Thu, Jun 6, 2013, 14:00


Six New Music profiles this week – three from last week which weren’t featured here as I was away and three from the On The Record column in tomorrow’s edition of The Ticket. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.

Blue Hawaii

Montreal duo Raph Standell-Preston (also of the excellent Braids) and Alexander Cowan return to action after their 2010 “Blooming Summer” EP. Specialists in hypnotic, hazy, post-beach avant-pop, Blue Hawaii’s debut album “Untogether” is one to check out.


Brighton duo Josh Christopher and Melisa Soyaslanova made the most of the recent Great Escape fest in their city with a few well-received shows. We dig their fruity atmospherics, swell ambient melodies and bittersweet blend of indie and electronic sounds on tunes like “Daddy” and “Lighthouse”.

On An On

In many ways, On An On are a bit of an accidental band with Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci and Ryne Estwing formerly of Scattered Trees until that combo called it a day. The trio cracked on regardless as On An On and debut album “Give In” is a doozy, full of rich, dreamy, hynotic wonders like “Ghosts”. Another Great Escape 2013 find.


Garage-rock boogaloo with a powerful twist in the tail from Halifax, Nova Scotia duo Aaron Mangle and Leigh Dotey. As seen at last month’s Great Escape, the band can really set sparks flying live, while debut album “The Palm at the End of the Mind” is a mighty indicator of future intentions.

To Kill A King

You can thank the rise (and rise) of Mumford & Sons for the current interest in the Ralph Pellymounter-fronted To Kill A Kill, but there’s a bit more in the wash than meek, watery folk-rock. The Leeds band are at their best when they throw some rabble-rousing spit and spirit into their live set, though finely-tuned tracks like “Fictional State” or “Funeral” (below) are also worth getting to know.

London Grammar

London-based trio specialising in smouldering, seductive, slo-mo dream-pop. Aside from featuring on the new Disclosure album (alongside a gallery of other names-to-watch), their own atmospheric chillers, as seen on the “Metal & Dust EP” (Switch remix of the title track below), should ensure much coverage in the coming months.