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Chuck D still fighting the power

Fri, Apr 12, 2013, 08:11


Oblivion: Olga Kuryenko talks to Tara Brady about being more than a Bond babe

Public Enemy: Chuck D on why the vintage hip-hop crew are still number one

Josephine: the Manchester singer on why she keeps singing

King of the Travellers: “people told me not to make a film about Travellers”, Mark O’Connor says about his new ambitious drama.

Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots: Chuck Prophet talks to The Ticket ahead of hitting the road to the Marble City. Plus the acts you should catch at the festival

Plus CD reviews (including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Blake, Paramore, Low Sea, Solar Bears, The Knife, John Smith, The Como Mamas “The Place Beyond the Pines OST” etc), film reviews (Pilgrim Hill, The Place Beyond the Pines, Oblivion), games, apps, listings, movie quiz, news and much, much more.

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The OTR plugs service is now open for business. Please feel free to plug and recommend stuff away to your heart’s content, but remember some simple rules: (a) declare an interest where one should be declared, (b) plugs are accepted on the whim of OTR and may be edited for length/clarity/common sense and (c) plugs which mention a commercial sponsor are really ads and will probably not be published in this slot. So, what do youse make of the new website a month in, then?