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The randomiser says “Dan Boyle is the Green Party’s Nelson Muntz”

10 days to go! We speak, of course, about the Choice Music Prize bunfight, the rumble in the Irish music jungle, the thrilla in vanilla and all of that. Plenty of meat on the plate already: here are CMP09 nominees …

Mon, Feb 22, 2010, 10:57


10 days to go! We speak, of course, about the Choice Music Prize bunfight, the rumble in the Irish music jungle, the thrilla in vanilla and all of that. Plenty of meat on the plate already: here are CMP09 nominees Duckworth Lewis Method running a cryptic pair of eyes over this year’s 10. Sunday Trib scribbler Una Mullally is definitely pro-Choice. Ace webmag Ragged Words have a CMP preview week starting from today featuring interviews with Julie Feeney, Adrian Crowley, And So I Watch You From Afar, Valerie Francis and the Duckworth Lewis Method. And Musical Rooms finds out why Valerie Francis doesn’t have a musical room of her own right now. More stuff to come this week! It all happens on March 3 at Vicar Street in Dublin (tickets here, for those who want to come along). I bet you’re excited….

Want to sound like you know what you’re talking about when you’re bitching about the weather? The Irish Met Society’s one-day conference on weather and climate on March 27 at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin may help. It will feature panels from a half-dozen talking heads including ex-Irish Times columnist John Gibbons (“Denial or Despair: towards effectively communicating Climate Change” – we hope Pat Kenny pops along to ask some questions), Met Eireann’s Gerald Fleming and Séamus Walsh and others. Admission is free and the full schedule is here. And one more for the weather-watchers in the audience: inside the British Met Office, from yesterday’s revamped Observer.

Speaking of the Observer, really liked the redesigned New Review which reminded me of the Independent on Sunday’s Magazine of old back in the day. Tip for maximum enjoyment from online persual: read the digital version of the New Review for the full enchilada.

Celebrity witness of the week: Prince is listed among the witnesses due to appear in the MCD v Prince legal action over the cancellation of that infamous Croke Park gig in June 2008. Over at the Sunday Times, they went a little overboard with the puns about this story and didn’t know how to stop. Pity, all the same, that the case wasn’t heard last week and Prince could have went along to the Meteor Music Awards’ beano at the RDS while he was in town.

Well, that’s the end of that then. After a week when loads of eejits fumed in print and on radio about the threatened closure/sale/demolitation/”it’s going to be turned into a kebab shop!” of the Abbey Road studios in London, owners EMI say they’ve no plans to do anything of the sort. Well, at least a ton of showbiz hacks got a week’s content out of that shaggy-dog “save Abbey Road” non-story. Meanwhile, here is this week’s save-the-whatever tale.

Interesting musings from CMT editorial director Chet Flippo about Johnny Cash’s legagy in the wake of this week’s release of the “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” album: “Everyone’s lingering memory of Cash is different. I do recall the sick old man in a wheel chair. But – even more vividly – I remember Johnny Cash as a vibrant, strong and confident man, standing tall and commanding a stage.”

Allez Roche! Interview with Nicolas Roche as he preps for the new season on the bike.

As inevitable as night following day, the new Joanna Newsom album leaked over the weekend a couple of days before release and thousands of beardy indie boys without girlfriends went into raptures. “Have One On Me” is one of a number of new releases where the labels have set down draconian, if not downright ridiculous, conditions for reviewers who need to hear the album to write a few words on it. Yet even this refusal to provide pre-release review copies or streams to ‘orrible hacks still didn’t prevent the album from ending up online prior to release. At least Drag City didn’t issue lengthy confidentiality agreeements a la Gorillaz and EMI to the review posse.

Wonder what Jay-Z would make of that? Here’s Jigga sounding off about how labels need to streamline to succeed.

Maybe what labels need to do is sign and develop more acts like Sade, who sold 502,000 copies of new album “Soldier Of Love ” in one week in the U S of A. Whoop!

Interesting post from Steve Redmond on why there is no such thing any more as the music industry. Regular OTR readers will probably recogise a lot of his points.

And here’s the pounds and pence breakdown on why private equity investors should be putting their cash into live businesses rather than record labels.

I know one infamous international celebrity music biz playboy who watches Oireachtas Report, but enough about Louis Walsh. Shane takes a look at last week’s Joint Oireachtas committee meeting where members of that august body fumed about how RTE didn’t pitch the show as primetime, box-office viewing like Desperate Housewives. Mo’ respect to RTÉ’s managing editor of news, Cillian de Paor, for keeping a straight face in what must have been difficult circumstances.

Hats off to…. Gerry Ryan. No, seriously, come back! Please, come back! The dude’s new Undercurrents series will see him play a tune by a brand new Irish act on his show every Friday. Yes, he should be doing this all the time. Yes, every show on 2fm should be doing this. Yes, Adebisi Shank. are a quare name but great stuff. But kudos for once for this idea. The band will also be pimped on the show’s website.

A question about Willie. Was Mike Dwane the only journo that the ex-minister treated to untruths and slanders about Maurice Quinlivan? Or were there other hacks who got the same whisper in the ear from Willie and simply didn’t follow the story?

Top of my SXSW 2010 tips – The Middle East

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