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Are you in need of a Wire re-up this morning? And we’re not talking about Lauren Laverne’s woeful, cringeworthy, shoddy, pointless and amateur-hour interview with David Simon on the Beeb’s Culture Show last week. If you didn’t pick up the …

Tue, Jul 22, 2008, 09:07


Are you in need of a Wire re-up this morning? And we’re not talking about Lauren Laverne’s woeful, cringeworthy, shoddy, pointless and amateur-hour interview with David Simon on the Beeb’s Culture Show last week. If you didn’t pick up the Observer at the weekend, make with the clicking here to read why a couple of crime writers rate the show so highly. When you’re finished there, click through to the full repository of Wire articles from The Guardian and The Observer.

Speaking of the best TV show ever, season 5 kicks off on TG4 on Monday 28 at 10.30pm. Of course, some of you have already seen Season 5, lots of you are still working your way through seasons 1 to 4 and more of you are saving it all for the release of Season 5 on DVD in August. All of which begs the question – do we kick off a Wire thread here once a week? Seeing as Bryan has his book club, maybe it’s time On The Record got its Wire freak on. A new thread every Tuesday or Wednesday morning where people get to talk about that week’s episode on TG4 and the series to date? Or is this a truly terrible idea? Thoughts, people.

Want to know where you will be sitting when you go to see Lenny at The Venue Formerly Known As The Point in December? Well, here’s how the venue will look for seating shows and here’s how it will look for standing shows. Interesting to see that one of the options is for a Coldplay gig. Wishful thinking or are the vastly overrated, mind-numbingly boring and outrageously bland ‘Play on their way to Dublin this year?

By the way, I assume you did know that Lenny is coming back in December to get some cash together for the Christmas shopping. Lauren broke that story on Friday. Later that day, though, Hot Criminal picked it up, but they forgot to credit the source of their story. Seems to be a lot of that ol’ forgetfulness round Hot Criminal Towers of late. You’d want to be careful about that kind of thing, you know. I mean, what would have happen if all the red-tops did something similar with a Hot Criminal story, eh? Bang goes the publicity stunt.

From the sublime to…..er, Russian emos. It seems that a bunch of young Siberian emo fans are not happy about plans to ban them from wearing “emo and goth fashions” in schools. The Siberian kids did what all good emos do when they’re in a strop and went for a good old stomp around the streets of Krasnoyarsk. I’m sure Dmitry Medvedev is quaking in his boots at the thought of a bunch of fuming My Chemical Romance fans. Stalin had it easy by comparison.

Wonder will HMV be introducing these tax-free in-store kiosks in their Irish shops in the near future?

Houston, we have an indie band problem. The Houston Press examine why the Texan city is not so hot right now for indie bands. Meanwhile, the Independent wonder do we really need yet more indie bands who look and sound exactly same as the last lot.

“You know who they are, these smooth-chinned strummers, with their smart-arsed, self-admiring band names almost invariably prefaced by the definite article: The Kooks, The Courteeners, The Holloways, The Rascals, The View, The Wombats, The Automatic, The Pigeon Detectives, The Hoosiers. Their turgid, tuneless banalities use all the oxygen between ad breaks on XFM; they mop up the soggy midday slot on the main stage. Indie is the 30-year-old genre that gave us The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Blur and Arctic Monkeys. But in that period it has also produced Ocean Colour Scene, Menswear and Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong.”

From the Old News Department. The Times says Italian rock bands are so hot right now and they go into rhapsodies of delight about Disco Drive. We here at On The Record were in rhapsodies of delight about them a year ago. Tsk, tsk. Our tip for the next bunch of non-English speakers which the Times will be writing about in the next few months? We’re going with the Catalans: El Guincho, Guillamino, Balago, El Chico Con La Espina En El Costado and Raven Heads.

You wait for a book to come along on Clear Channel and two turn up at once. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the “official” book, Clear Vision, by Reed Bunzel, and the (far more interesting) “unofficial” book. Right of the Dial, by Alec Foege, about the big radio giant with its equally fascinating Live Nation off-shoot.

Where would El Randomiser be without a festival story? The WSJ (again – go on the WSJ) to the rescue, this time with its guide to festivals for grown-ups. What do you know, the Electric Picnic features. And, well, Oxegen doesn’t.

And finally, one from the Good News Department. Al Green is coming back to town. Hallelujah! The Rev Al plays Dublin’s Vicar Street on October 26, ten years almost to the day since the venue opened. The price for love and happiness (and red roses for the ladies) in Recession 2.0? €69, €75 and €79.50.