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What’s eating Dubliners?

Banter joins forces with Hot Potatoes to look at what’s really eating Dubliners ahead of the annual Taste of Dublin festival

Wed, May 22, 2013, 14:00


After Banter 50′s forensic look at the Irish live music business and festival scene the other night, it’s onwards and upwards for the series of discussions and conversations which proves that it’s always good to talk. Our next outing features a new addition to the Banter gang with the Hot Potatoes crew accepting our invitation to come and talk about food.

Hot Potatoes is a pop-up pow-wow exploring our complex, often contradictary relationship with food which is hosted by broadcaster, kitchen survivor and reluctant foodist Gerry Godley. GM crops and food security, Big Food and the supermarket multiples, gastroporn and the cult of food celebrity have all previously been grist to the mill for Hot Potatoes when it debuted at last summer’s Kilkenny Arts Festival.

While the larder is getting stocked for the ritual of gustatory consumption that is Taste of Dublin, Hot Potatoes asks what’s really eating Dubliners. Insights on the night come from Fiona McHugh (Fallon & Byrne), Catherine Cleary (Irish Times) and Temple Garner (San Lorenzo’s).

What’s Eating Dubliners takes place at the Twisted Pepper (Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1) on Wednesday June 12. Doors open and bibs are donned at 7.30pm and the first course is served at 8pm sharp. Full information on tickets and invite list here.