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OTR column: art on the sleeve

Writer and art historian Francesco Spampinato’s new book Art Record Covers explores the work you get when musician and artists collaborate.

A section from David Shrigley's artwork for Deerhoof's 2006 "Friend Opportunity" album on Kill Rock Stars/Tomlab

Fri, Mar 3, 2017, 14:00


You’ll find this week’s On the Record column from The Ticket here. “Flick through your collection and note the artwork which stands out. Patti Smith’s Horses is forever associated with that Robert Mapplethorpe photograph. Sonic Youth’s Goo might not be the same without Raymond Pettibon drawing from his Pettibon With Strings ’zine. Andy Warhol’s work for The Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground has become cultural shorthand which transcends both bands. It turns out that your music collection is a bit of an art collection too.” There’s a selection of covers from Francesco Spampinato’s Art Record Covers book here.