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The wrap is not a fan of winter hurling

This week’s reading list featuring Los Angeles music, Trainspotting, Lyndon Johnson, FM radio, college radio, sports on TG4, cassettes, housing, hip-hop verbals etc

Road bowling in Durrus, Co Cork in 1982. Photo: Martin Parr http://www.martinparr.com/

Mon, Feb 13, 2017, 10:13


(1) The man who broke Ticketmaster: fascinating piece on Ken Lowson, the most notorious ticket tout of all who is now on a mission to expose the secrets of the ticket industry in a bid to make sure tickets are sold directly to their fans

(2) What does a president do after they leave the White House? Forget about Barack Obama buddying up with Richard Branson and making everyone go “yuck”, here’s what Lyndon B Johnson got up to after he left Washington DC for the Texas hill country in 1969

(3) And the rapper with the largest vocabulary in hip-hop is…..Aesop Rock. Fascinating study charting the amount of words used by your favourite MC.

(4) As someone who still uses an old-school tape-recorder to record interviews, the cassette revival is making me feel ahead of the curve for once. But where are people getting their tapes from and is there a business in the gap for someone to exploit?

(5) Radio on: the current state of college radio in the United States. Further down the dial: the life and death of FM radio.

(6) Profile of New York club booker and promoter Ruth Polsky who brought acts like New Order, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen and many more to the US for the first time.

(7) On the box: how TG4 have used the sports that no-one else wants to cover to gain an edge and steal a march on the competition.

(8) Things I didn’t expect to type: T2 Trainspotting is actually not bad at all. Here’s an oral history of the first flick starring all the usual characters.

(9) What Los Angeles sounds like in 2017: it may be best known as a movie town, but LA’s hills, highways and hoods are home to some amazing musicians, as this brilliantly thought out interactive guide shows.

(10) An extract from Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond heartbreaking and hard-hitting book Evicted about how soaring rents and low wages have seen the eviction of thousands of Americans from their homes. Meanwhile, how renting could fix the UK’s broken housing market.