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The playlist – the sounds of the week at OTR HQ

Including Vince Staples, Planxty, Sarathy Korwar, Wrabel, David Axelrod, Liyv, Alice Coltrane etc

Fecking hipsters: Planxty

Fri, Feb 10, 2017, 10:00


Vince Staples “BagBak” (Def Jam)

“We need Tamikas and Shaniquas in that Oval Office/Obama ain’t enough for me, we only getting started”. Boom and then boom again.

Planxty “Between the Jigs And the Reels: A Retrospective” (Universal Ireland)

A Friday morning spin through the many live humours and shades of Planxty.

David Axelrod “The Edge: David Axelrod At Capitol Records 1966-1970″ (Blue Note)

Remembering the outlaw and maverick producer who sadly died this week. When you’re finished with this fine introduction to his work, dig out “Songs Of Innocence” and “Songs Of Experience”

Sarathy Korwar “Dreaming” (Ninja Tune)

Mesmerising forward-thinking blend of jazz, electronic, Indian folk and found sounds from percussionist and producer Sarathy Korwar’s debut album “Day to Day”

Alice Coltrane “Blue Nile” (Impulse)

Hear the harpist get wicked. From the 1970 album “Ptah, The El Daoud” (1970), with Pharoah Sanders coming on strong on the right channel and Joe Henderson blowing up a storm on the left.

Delicate Steve “Animals” (Anti)

Paul Simon, Dirty Projectors and Yeasayer guitar collaborator Steve Marion shows his chops and finely tuned ear for a wig-out tune.

Wrabel “11 Blocks” (Epic)

Still huge, still emotional, still a heck of an ear-worm.

Liyv “Little Fox” (Kitsune)

A sweet wisp of an addivtive pop tune from the Seattle artists’s one-song-a-month 2016 project

7th Obi “Malibu” (Self release)

We were only talking about this Waterford youth yesterday, but this track is a humdinger which deserves another spin today