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The wrap got up early this morning

Including David Axelrod RIP, Ibiza 2017, horology, Diamond Supply Co, the White Horse, Mike D’s house, Kraftwerk 1970 etc

Looking up in Hong Kong. Photo: Alexander Waltner http://www.swedishnomad.com

Mon, Feb 6, 2017, 09:48


(1) Superb piece by Sam McGrath on the life and times of Dublin pub and venue The White Horse which, like 34 per cent of the city centre, is now a Starbucks’ cafe.

(2) The dude with all the answers when it comes to President Donald J Trump: a conversation with J.D. Vance, the author of Hillbilly Elegy and the reluctant interpreter of Trumpism on why Trump won, how elites helped and what we miss about social mobility.

(3) Fashion dept: the teenagers who are spending gazillions on streetwear. Bonus pockets: the story of Nick Tershay’s hip-hop and skateboard brand Diamond Supply Co and its debt to Sade

(4) David Axelrod RIP. The influential and pioneering composer and producer has died at the age of 83. Remember him this way

(5) Summer loving: 10 predictions about the forthcoming Ibiza season

(6) How to lose track of time by keeping time: a visit to the Horological Society of New York to learn about the fine art of assembling and taking apart timepieces

(7) Steve Bannon may be pulling the strings in the White House right now, but there was another puppetmaster when Donald Trump was getting going in New York real estate back in the day. Fascinating profile of Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn, who was a legal henchman for Joseph McCarthy before becoming a serious Big Apple powerbroker working with politicians, financiers and mob bosses.

(8) The greatest of all time: the best rapper alive every year from 1979 (Grandmaster Caz) to 2016 (Chance the Rapper). Extra verse: every rap rhyme ever about Obama

(9) Have you purchased a copy of “Paul’s Boutique” or “Hello Nasty” or any other album by the Beastie Boys? Well, here’s Mike D’s Malibu gaff, which your money has helped pay for. You’re welcome.

(10) An early performance by Kraftwerk recorded for the TV show Rockpalast in Soest in 1970