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Lleida-Alguaire airport, Lleida, Spain. From The Art of the Airport. Photo: Óscar Laborda Sanchez

Mon, Dec 12, 2016, 09:50


(1) You’ve seen all the hit TV shows and you still can’t bring yourself to watch Ray D’Arcy or Brendan O’Connor so what are you going to do? Here’s a list of overlooked shows put together by the IndieWire critics which might be worth a binge or two over the next few weeks.

(2) We’re going to miss this dude: official White House photographer Pete Souza’s Flickr stream of the Barack Obama years, featrung some of the two millions snaps taken during the current US president’s spell at the helm.

(3) Make media great again: why the future of news is kind of bleak. Plus a round-table on how sports, media, politics and social media came together during the US presidential election.

(4) The best Prince stories you will read this month involving himself and a hardware shop, basketball, bikes, fashion, women, Jehovah’s Witnesses, lollipops, movies and much, much more.

(5) 10 years on, Pusha T and Malice discuss “Hell Hath No Fury” and all things Clipse related.

(6) The sound of the city: how youarelistening.to broadcasts the audio drama of a city using police scanners, fire service radio and emergency channels as well as ambient soundtracks.

(7) Your flight is delayed by two hours: selected photos of the world’s most spectacularly designed airport terminals from new book The Art of the Airport. Dublin Airport’s terminal one is not featured, strangely.

(8) How citizens became customers and consumers: “The term “consumption” itself entered circulation with a heavy burden. It originally derived from the Latin word consumere and found its way first into French in the 12th century, and from there into English and later into other European languages. It meant the using up of food, candles, and other resources. To complicate matters, there was the similar-sounding Latin word consummare, as in Christ’s last words on the cross: “Consummatum est,” meaning “It is finished.” The word came to mean using up, wasting away, and finishing.”

(9) Hey, what’s Mike D up to these days? Despatches on radio shows, surfing and a forthcoming memoir from the former Beastie Boy in his gaff in Malibu. Meanwhile, fellow Beastie Adam Horovitz has been working on a new sneaker with vegan shoe company Keep to benefit Planned Parenthood. Play loud

(10) What does swimming the Atlantic do to your body?