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The wrap is feeling delicate

Including Deutsche Bank, Amy Liptrot, sausages, Houston lean, taste, free shipping, children’s internet usage, the baseball-playing hitman etc

Amy Liptrot

Mon, Nov 14, 2016, 09:49


(1) It’s not just Irish banks who engaged in unsavoury behaviour in recent years: superb long-read from the Spiegel team about what happened with German institutional establishment Deutsche Bank’s decision to join the global banking elite led to its own downfall. Warning: contains hubris, bankers and partying with the Rolling Stones.

(2) Boiler Room unpacked: the club streaming series’ founder Blaise Bellville on turning an idea into a global winner

(3) The long-read which scans like a film script instead about the would-be baseball star who became a mob hitman instead.

(4) One of the books of the year is Amy Liptrot’s fantastic memoir The Outrun about swapping life in the big smoke to return home to live on the edge on Orkney. Here’s a cracking essay by Lipsett about nightswimming in Berghain.

(5) Lean in: the story of the Houston hip-hop culture’s relationship with codeine-promethazine

(6) Lean back: Irv Teibel’s mission to bring rain, thunder and the other sounds of the nature to your stereo system.

(7) Inside the sausage factory: “sausages emerged independently in many different parts of the world because they are an exceptionally good way of using up small scraps of meat and because they offer a means to preserve perishable flesh from rot and decay.”

(8) Inside the company who help to make food and beverages taste just like that. “Few of the companies that sell processed foods or drinks want the public to know that outside laboratories supply them with flavors. Even after Snapple’s founders admitted to me that, more than twenty years ago, a Brooklyn-based company named Virginia Dare had designed the flavors for a line of sodas that Snapple has long since discontinued, people at Virginia Dare refused to discuss the matter.”

(9) Kids online: parsing the report from Global Kids Online about how children are using the internet

(10) Ahead of the Christmas online shopping rush, why the notion of free shipping is a lie.