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OTR column – night mayors need more than goodwill to thrive

It’s all very well to push for night mayors to champion urban night culture, but the will for change must be there during the day too

Fri, Sep 30, 2016, 11:45


You’ll find this week’s On the Record column from The Ticket here. “The agent of change solution is quite sensible in these cases. One of the attractions of city living is the kind of organic, mixed-use development that brings so many different activities together. Naturally, there will always be some who move into an area with a busy and colourful nightlife, such as Dublin’s Temple Bar, who expect peace and quiet when the sun goes down. However, doesn’t the fact that pubs, clubs and venues were there long before flats popped up in the streets mean that the onus to deal with the change and disruption is with the owners of the latter rather than the former?”