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Jamaican patois, Shazam, urban cycling, laundering money, Prince Buster, dopamine, Danny Lyon, Pastor T.L. Barrett etc

From Danny Lyon's Underground: 1966 exhibition

Tue, Sep 13, 2016, 10:32


(1) The globalisation of Jamaican patois: “Harvard also offers a patois course among other Caribbean creoles, and Jamaican culture is so popular in Japan that a language scholar developed the “Jumiekan Langwij Song and Project” in 2008 to help teach people patois. In the UK, Jamaican patois along with other Caribbean and African creoles, is one of the languages that comprises ‘Multicultural London English’ sometimes to the disdain of white, middle-class parents.”

(2) It takes more than cycle lanes to make a city bike-friendly. Great long-read from the Financial Times about the risks and rewards from urban cycling.

(3) How-to department: how to use restaurants to launder your ill-gotten cash. “Buying a restaurant that’s already in operation would be the easiest way, because it already has employees. The employees don’t even have to be aware that money laundering is taking place — in fact, most probably shouldn’t be. If I’m a drug kingpin, the last thing I would want is one of the waitresses having any idea what I’m doing. You essentially want it to be a legitimate business.”

(4) Why are some people so attracted to danger and risk? It’s all about the dopamine

(5) Infograph of the day: tracking the 20 million Shazam requests a day or 14,000 every minute. The top hits of 2016 so far? Twenty One Pilots “Stressed Out” (6.2 million), Alan Walker “Faded” (6 million) and Justin Bieber “Love Yourself” (4.9 million).

(6) The complicated story of Pastor T.L. Barrett, the man behind 1969 cult album “Like A Ship Without A Sail” much admired by everyone from Radiohead to Kanye West. “Can a conman make a truly transcendent gospel LP? What do we make of something so beautiful created by someone who has done something despicable?”

(7) Meet Elden Kidd, the cleancut Mormon from California who makes a living smuggling people across the US-Mexico border.

(8) Soundwoman: interview with Karrie Keyes, the sound tech who has worked on Pearl Jam’s onstage sound for the last 24 years.

(9) There has been a lot of focus on 1970s’ New York but about the decade before that? Nice piece on Underground: 1966, Danny Lyon’s large-scale subway photographs taken of Big Apple commuters in 1966.

(10) We started out in Jamaica so it’s apt that we end there too. Ska and rocksteady giant Prince Buster passed away last week aged 78. Here’s a superb piece by Jerry Dammers on the first king of Jamaican music.