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The playlist – the sounds of the week at OTR HQ

Tracks from Jungle, Robert Glasper Experiment, Júníus Meyvant, Chance the Rapper, Kaiydo, Cassie, Gil Evans etc

Robert Glasper Experiment

Fri, Aug 19, 2016, 09:56


Midland “Final Credits” (Regraded)

A sublime piece of dancefloor craftwork to turn you insideout.

Douglas Dare “Doublethink” (Erased Tapes)

Big voice and spine-tingling production notions on the Londoner’s new track from forthcoming album “Aforger”

Júníus Meyvant “Beat Silent Need” (Record Records)

Beautiful soulful groove with lush harmonies and a giddy momentum from the Icelandic dude’s fabulous “Floating Harmonies” debut album

Robert Glasper Experiment “Find You” (Blue Note)

It’s the time of the year for new albums and Glasper’s forthcoming “ArtScience” gets a steer on this bubbling newbie from the pianist, saxophonist Casey Benjamin, bassist Derrick Hodge (who provides vocals here) and drummer Mark Colenburg.

Chance the Rapper “Acid Rap” (Self release)

We’ve played “Coloring Book” so much at this stage that we’re going back in time for this slam-dunk of genius soundclashes and ambitous verbal ideas.

Black Coffee “I Have Faith” (Soulistic)

The South African house producer goes for gold with rich, emotional vocals from Mondli Ngcobo

Jungle “Lucky I Got What I Want” (XL)

As featured on the soundtrack for Nerve, which is well worth its 96 minutes.

Kaiydo “Fruit Punch” (Self release)

Fresh as a daisy cut from the Orlando rhymer rapidly moving up the ranks

Cassie “Me & U” (Bad Boy)

A decade on and the track still zings with a sparkling charm

Gil Evans Orchestra “Out of the Cool” (Impulse)

From 1960, Evans’ beautiful rhythmic impressionism owes a great deal to his work on three seminal albums for Miles Davis, including “Sketches of Spain”.

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