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Recent interviews with All Tvvins, Steve Davis, Ben Ratliff, Michael Kiwanuka and Ensemble Eriu

Ensemble Eriu

Tue, Aug 16, 2016, 09:44


The debut album from All Tvvins “IIVV” is a bit of a rasper, an album which socks it to you right between the ears and leaves you wanting more. Last week in The Ticket, Lar Kaye and Conor Adams gave us their rough guide to the Dublin venues they’ve played over the last couple of years, starting off with Bad Bob’s and leading to Marlay Park. Take their previous bands Adebiski Shank and Cast of Cheers into account and they’ve probably played every venue and former venue in the city over the last decade. Here’s the interview and “IIVV” is below.

It’s not every day that you get to talk to the man voted Rear of the Year 1987. That was Steve Davis and that honour was sign of just how the snooker don dominated the culture during the 1980s when he won the world championships again and again during the sport’s golden TV age. Over the last couple of years, it’s music rather than snooker which has become his main concern and, ahead of his visit to Dublin for the Out to Lunch weekender, he talked about his love affair with prog-rock, techno and electronic music. Bonus frame: here’s a recent episode of The Interesting Alternative Show, Davis and Kavus Turabi’s weekly show on Phoenix FM

How do you listen to music? It’s a simple question, ebut one which many of us find ourselves asking again and again in these times of plenty. It’s also a question which intrigued New York Times’ writer Ben Ratliff and his new book Every Song Ever: How To Listen to Music Now looks at new ways to listen to and filter music. Here’s Ratliff talking about why he wrote the book and his take on how streaming and algorithms have shaken things up, plus a playlist of the songs and pieces of music mentioned in the book.

It’s been a while since Michael Kiwanuka was doing the promo rounds hawking his wares. Four years on from his “Home Again” debut, the likeable Londoner has returned to the game with an album of dark and grit called “Love & Hate”. He talked to us about writers’ block, Kanye West, faith, spirituality, Danger Mouse and Funkadelic. Album below too

Ensemble Eriu are one of the most intriguing bands in the homegrown pack, an act fronted by Neil O’Loghlen and Jack Talty, a pair of musicians marinated in traditional music’s dusty grooves who’ve added players brandishing jazz, classical, rock and ambient salt and pepper to the music along the way. Their second albun “Imbas” is a great example of the changing nature of Irish music’s hinterland and O’Loghlen and Talty spoke at length about the creative process behind how Ensemble Eriu operate.