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Ship to shore: Starboard Home sets sail

A new music project looks at the relationship between Dublin port and the city

Wed, Mar 2, 2016, 09:15


Dublin Port is one of the more unsung parts of the city, but a new project is set to change that in some style. Starboard Home brings Paul Noonan (Bell X1), James Vincent McMorrow, Cathy Davey, Duke Special, Gemma Hayes, Jape, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Lisa O’Neill, Declan O’Rourke, John Sheahan (The Dubliners), Paul Cleary (The Blades) and novelist Caitriona Lally together to write and perform new songs inspired by the port’s relationship with the city.

Starboard Home will involve a performance at the National Concert Hall on June 22 as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme. Tickets for the show are €27.50, €25.00 and €22.50 and are now on sale. There will also be a Starboard Home album to be released in June which was recorded at Dublin’s Sun Studios last month with a band featuring Nick Seymour (Crowded House), Brian Crosby (formerly of BellX1 and The Cake Sale) and Glenn Keating (I Am The Cosmos, Jape).