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The 10 best acts at Eurosonic 2016

From Dia Lupa to Koala Voice, here are the 10 acts who stood tall in Groningen last week

Dutch gold: Rusangano Family

Fri, Jan 22, 2016, 10:48


You’ll find my piece on the hits at Eurosonic 2016 – and the reasons why the Dutch festival has become an essential stop for bands and everyone else – here. Below are the 10 acts in question (incuding three Danish acts – I saw six Danish acts in all over the weekend and there wasn’t a dud amongst them), with some music from each to entice you to check them out further.

Dua Lipa


Promise & The Monster

Rusangano Family

Koala Voice


Ninos du Brasil


Hydrogen Sea

Blaue Blume