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The return of Connolly’s Of Leap

The west Cork venue re-opens its doors this month

The queue to get into the re-opened music venue has already started

Thu, Dec 10, 2015, 10:06


We often write here about venues, record shops and other musical community assets shutting up shop so it’s a welcome turn of events to welcome an old name back to the fold. Connolly’s Of Leap in west Cork was a seminal halting post on the Irish gigging circuit for a good many years, a small, cosy room which provided a stage and good vibes for acts including Nick Cave, John Martyn, The Frames, Lightning Bolt (see below) and rakes of other big and little stars.

It stopped operating as a venue in November 2006 but now, following a recent decision to grant the venue a dance licence, it’s back in business for live acts. I met Sam McNicholl from the venue at SuperValu in Dingle (as you do) at the weekend and he gave me a flyer about who’s coming to Leap, but naturally, I lost the flyer (sorry Sam). Anyway, have a look at the poster below for what’s in store in the next few weeks including Altered Hours, Talos, Daithi, Ajo Arkestra (the band formerly known as the Dublin Afrobeat Ensemble) and Jófríður Ákadóttir from Pascal Pinon and Samaris.