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Brian Wilson, CDs, Warm Up, Icelandic yogurt, Stevie G, car parking, when DJs grow old, Shake Shack, small festivals, Lithuanian discos and much more

Hands up at Warm Up, the Sunday club at MoMA PS1 in New York

Wed, Aug 19, 2015, 09:42


Question: when was the last time you left a voicemail for someone? Fascinating piece on how our telephone habits have changed in tandem with the design of the handset.

Interview of the day: spending time with Brian Wilson cruising the streets of Los Angeles, eating tacos and watching basketball. Fun, fun, fun ’til her daddy takes the T-Bird away

Laibach go to Pyongyang: analysing the politics and semiotics of the Slovenian band who’ll become the first foreign band to perform in North Korea when they play the Kim Won Gyun Music Conservatory and the Kum Song Music School on tonight and tomorrow.

Food department (1): how Icelandic yogurt ended up in almost every Whole Foods in America. Lessons galore to be learned about marketing foodstuffs

The Politico flip-flop: what’s going on at the online political title’s Washington DC home and how the site is aiming to transform coverage of European politics.

They haven’t gone away, you know: how CDs keep clinging to life. Prediction: I think CDs are going to turn out to be the new vinyl.

The soundtrack for today? That would be Steve G’s recent mix for Hidden Agenda. All the soul and funk and reggae and hip-hop a body could need of a Wednesday

Warm Up: the story behind the weekly party at the outdoor courtyard of New York’s contemporary art museum MoMA PS1

One for all those who find it a melt, ‘mare and fiasco to park their car: why we turn down the radio when we go to park our cars.

Anyone for some rosé? How rosé wine became a thing

We had our Banter encounter with Generation Z a few months ago, but it may well be time to ask what comes after them as we seem to be running out of letters.

What’s your old-school gangster name? On a similar tip, from the archives, meet Thunderous Wizard

“Drugs and alcohol are unshockingly the number one occupational hazard for DJs, and there is a direct relationship between excessive intake and burnout”. What happens when DJs grow old?

It’s not just in Ireland that smaller festivals like next weekend’s Another Love Story or last weekend’s Big Grill are making waves. Interesting report by Harley Brown into the rise and rise of micro-fests Stateside where people are doing a whole lot more with a whole lot less.

Food department (2): inside the Shake Shake burger revolution

Interesting piece by Andrew Miksys on the youth discos of various Lithuanian villages which he photographed for his DISKO book.

Fugazi “Instrument”