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Mapping Popular Music in Dublin

A survey to capture the popular music experience in the capital

Tue, Jul 14, 2015, 13:16


Just how many musicians live and work in Dublin? It’s a question we’ve pondered here before. Back then, I wrote “when you look around at the huge amount of music which this city supports on a regular basis, from rock and pop to jazz and roots, from those who play music for fun to those who make a living of some sort from playing an instrument, you begin to wonder just how many musicians really are here. There was all that palaver about Dublin being the city of a thousand bands a couple of decades ago, but that has gone the way of the mullets. Still, the city has a lot of music in its veins.”

That particular spiel ended with the line “maybe we need a census – or an independent enquiry – to establish the numbers” and, lo and behold, there is something just like that currently underway. Led by Dr John O’Flynn and Dr Áine Mangaoang from the Department of Music at St Patrick’s College in Drumcondra, Mapping Popular Music in Dublin aims to map popular music experience in Dublin by looking at popular music from the viewpoint of fans, musicians and music industry personnel.

As the project’s website puts it, “the purpose is to inform tourism, culture and music industry organisations by providing the first comprehensive overview of popular music experience in Dublin to date”.

If you’re a music fan, musician, band-member, promoter or work in the music industry, O’Flynn and Mangaoang want to hear from you. It starts with a short online survey and there will also be focus group interviews later this year. Full information and contact details here.