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Interviews from the paper with Shamir, Soak and Jamie xx


Thu, Jun 4, 2015, 09:53


Say hello to Shamir. He’s the young dude from Las Vegas whose debut album “Ratchet” is a bit of a big deal. I really like the cut of his jib, especially the spirited, dashing, dazzling, decadent, devil-may-care buzz of the music which he has produced. We talked about his life as an intern at the label which signed him, what it’s like to grow up in Sin City, his dalliance with country music and why he’s a hard-ass when it comes to dealing with people who slag him off. Read the interview here.

This was the fourth time I’ve interviewed Soak, but it was the first time that the interview has appeared in print. The previous occasions were at Banter events at Other Voices in Dingle and Derry since 2012, which shows how long Bridie Monds-Watson has been around the houses. Her debut album “Before We Forgot How To Dream” has just gone on release so it was time to rewind on the last few years and everything that has happened. She’s got a right proper head on those young shoulders, but it’s clear that she didn’t lick that cop-on from the ground. Her story is a great how-to guide for any young artist who receives a lot of attention early in their career and doesn’t know whether to stick with school or go for broke.

One of the albums which is getting a lot of play every single week around these parts at present is Jamie xx’s solo debut “In Colour”. You know him as one-third of minimalist wonders The xx, the man behind some dazzling reworkings of Gil Scott-Heron and Adele and a pretty damn good DJ. In this interview, he talks about the process behind “In Colour”, the nostalgia for a rave era he never experienced, Plastic People, skating across London and future projects.