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The wrap hits March

Granny’s Intentions, John Coltrane, New Yorker covers, Bob Dylan, SXSW, oral histories, Hugh McCabe, moshpits, rainwear, hip-hop pants and much more

Festival photo by Felix R. Cid http://www.felixrcid.com

Tue, Mar 3, 2015, 12:58


The Irish beats: Generational Resistance is Peter Curtin’s documentary on Limerick band Granny’s Intentions, their emergence from the Irish counter-culture scene of the late 1960s and the birth of the Irish beat scene. Besides contributions from beat scene veterans Johnny Duhan, James ‘Cha’ Haran, Pete Cummins, Tim Booth and Brush Shiels, the doc will also have out-takes from Making The Cut, which saw musicians from the beat scene returning to play in Limerick as part of last year’s EV+A International Arts festival. Generational Resistance will be broadcast in the Lyric Feature slot on Lyric FM on Friday next at 7pm

The randomiser goes meta: just how random is the random selection on your favourite music player?

Back in 1971, William Powell published The Anarchist’s Cookbook. Here’s why he spent the next 40 years trying to take it out of print

You may have seen all the (cliched) festival photos in the world ever, but wait until you see Felix R Cid’s views of electronic music festivals from Australia, Portugal, France and Switzerland for the X exhibition. Here’s the photographer on how the festivals represent a “physical example of a completely globalized planet”.

Why thyroid diseases are so common – and still so mysterious

If you haven’t already added Cuepoint to your list of must-read long-read sources, make amends pronto. Here are two examples of why the new silo from the Medium bunch rocks: an indepth study of John Coltrane’s majestic “A Love Supreme” and how music’s social media hustle has created a monster.

New York dept: the changing face of the city as seen through New Yorker magazine covers

Bob the builder: the life and times of Bob Dylan from “Oh Mercy” to “Modern Times” as seen by those who worked with him in studios and on the road.

Oral history dept: Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me”, the Chipotle food chain (without which you wouldn’t have the current burrito shop boom in Ireland), the “Seven Nation Army” riff, Manchester punk rock, shoegazing and the Laurel Canyon music scene.

How’s your Snapchat game, lad? Here’s by-the-numbers evidence of why you’re probably already behind the curve

Proper advice on how to run a record shop from the folks behind the thriving Banquet Records in Kingston-Upon-Thames

If it’s March, that means OTR and a gazillion other chancers are preparing to head to Austin, TX for this year’s SXSW beano which kicks off Friday week. Ahead of the fest, here’s a lengthy interview with South By supremo Roland Swenson about the ins and outs of running an event worth $315 million to Austin last year.

SXSW bonus: the 100 acts you’ve got to hear as chosen by NPR

Clobber dept: how pants tell the history of hip-hop, blue jeans from miners to Elvis, the evolution of rain jackets and what happens to your old clothes after you donate them to charity.

Band tips: the highs and lows of touring as you get older – and the highs and lows of touring as a parent

Don’t crowd-surf when there’s no music: the six golden rules of moshpit etiquette

Every time we do a piece on The Gloaming, we end up using Hugh McCabe’s amazing long-exposure photo of the band, which was taken at their Vicar Street show in 2012 and ended up being used on the sleeve of the band’s debut album. Here’s the story behind that photo and you can also buy prints here.

Speaking of SXSW (and we were): y’all going to be raving about Meg Mac in 2015