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The Aphex Twin has spoken…

Limerick can claim Richard D James as one of their own. It’s better than an All Ireland!

Limerick, you're a Windowlicker

Wed, Jan 14, 2015, 11:58


In the wake of last week’s kerfuffle over the Choice Music Prize, there was a lot of confusion over the inclusion of the Aphex Twin on the shortlist for “Syro”. No-one was quibbling about the quality of the album, but rather there was a question mark over where Richard D James had been born.

His Wikipedia page lists his birthplace as Limerick and all online roads lead back to this. We know that some Wikepedia entries are the targets for japes and merriment so the fact that there was nothing to back this up did give many pause for thought.

OTR contacted his label Warp Records last week and they have now got back to say that “Richard has confirmed to Warp Records that he was indeed born in Limerick.” He can thus be properly celebrated alongside The Cranberries, The Rubberbandits, Terry Wogan, Denis Allen, Mick Mackey and all the other favourite sons of the Treaty City. Give him the Prize now and be done with it!