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Wrappers’ delight

Including the Beastie Boys, Prince, superhackers, emojis, 2 Tone, Chet Baker, Beats In Space, Berlin, Bob Dylan and much more

Tue, Dec 9, 2014, 09:41


Look at the state of that: famous rappers now versus what they looked like when their debut album was released

Why walking down the street engrossed in your smartphone is not a good idea

Black balloons, credit card-sized computers, GPS trackers, knives, files, blank keys, various wires and cables: the superhackers’ tool-kit

Prince live in Los Angeles in 1982

Attack of the emojis: how a wordless language has taken over our communications

For all those making a list and checking it twice, the death and rebirth of the shopping mall

All hail Beats In Space, Tim Sweeney’s WNYU radio show which marks 15 years on the air this year. Interview with Sweeney about the show, the 15 tracks that define 15 years of the show and an oral history of the show’s past and present.

Dan LeRoy and Peter Relic’s For Whom The Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique is a ripping read about the creation of the Beastie Boys’ second album. Here’s an extract from the book about the role played by former Marines and rappers Doug Powell and Rasheed Shakur in the making of the album.

See that above, it’s a Spotify embed. Here are 10 reasons why every artist should have their tunes on the streaming service.

Great piece (and photos) about how Berlin’s revival owes a ton to techno

Chet Baker: The Final Days

The steps taken – and to be taken – by US rave promoters to keep their events and punters safe

More rave: profile of Bob Sillerman, the promoter buying up independent dance event promoters to form the second incarnation of SFX

Meet Fredrik Wikingsson, the very lucky music fan who got to see a Bob Dylan show at the Philadelphia Academy of Music as an audience of one thanks to Swedish film series Experiment Ensam.

Rudies Come Back: rare 1980 BBC Arena documentary rounds up the 2 Tone kings and assorted other rudeboys