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Banter on Connected

A look inside one of the hits of RTE 2′s autumn season

The Connected cast: Alanna Diggin, Nicole McQuillan, Elayne Harrington, Venetia Quick, Anna Ryan and Kate McGrew

Wed, Nov 12, 2014, 10:12


Connected has proven to be one of the big ol’ hits of RTE’s autumn season. Setting out to deliver a snapshot of what life is like in Ireland in 2014 for six women, the show has gathered rave reviews and dedicated audiences as the series has progressed.

What has had many glued to the screen is how the series has flipped many reality TV conventions. At this stage of the game, we know reality TV’s tropes and tricks insideout and back to front and we’re a mite fed up of them, as the ratings for many shows demonstrate.

But Connected puts control of the cameras in the hands of the participants. Each of the six women decide what and when to film, meaning they direct their own scenes. Instead of scenes which are contrived for the cameras, we get searing honesty and real worlds.

At Banter, we’ll look at the success of the show from the point of view of some of those who took part, the people who commissioned the show at RTE and TV veterans who have become fans of the show.

Were peope enthusiastic or reserved about the first approach? What did they expect? What did they think of reality TV shows before? What are the plans for the show now? What’s been the participants’ reaction to the critical praise? And what nexts for the participants and the show?

The Connected panel: Venetia Quick (Connected), Kate McGrew (Connected), Bill Malone (Channel Controller, RTE 2) and Anna Nolan (TV presenter and journalist)

Banter on Connected: Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1; Tuesday November 25; doors open 6pm and Bantering begins 6.30pm sharp. Ticket details are here.