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Tommy KD and the Love/Hate halo effect

The Dublin rapper continues to pop up in unlikely places with “Bag A Gear”

Tommy KD on The Saturday Night Show

Mon, Nov 10, 2014, 14:58


I wrote a piece for The Ticket a few weeks ago about Tommy KD. Some of you will remember him as old-school Dublin street rapper Man & The Machine, who used to perform in and around the Central Bank.

The reason for the new-found interest in Tommy KD comes about from his appearance as a bug-eyed raver in a recent episode of Love/Hate, which happened around the same time as a new single, “Bag A Gear”, was released on Anam Records. Such has been the fuss around every single aspect of the series that the rapper and the song has been covered or mentioned in some unlikely places.

Speaking of unlikley places…last Saturday night, Tommy KD popped up on The Saturday Night Show on RTE to perform “Bag A Gear” (performance below). It also marked a rare TV appearance for DJ Mek standing in for Hazo, who normally works with and appears alongside the rapper. Host Brendan O’Connor also had a pretty good interview with the rapper too (check the RTE Player for that). Chances are few could have seen all of this attention coming the rapper’s way when he was initially tapped by Stuart Carolan to appear on the show. The Love/Hate halo effect, it seems, lifts all boats.