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The randomiser says howya

A week of randomisers kicks off with Big Boi’s tour snaps, police uniforms, Nextdoor app, typos, James Brown, XL at 25 and behind the scenes at Times Square

The trip to Tipp. Photo: Wally Cassidy

Mon, Aug 25, 2014, 09:46


Stradbally revellers, look away now. That photo of an old-school festival scene was taken at the Feile festival in Thurles in 1991 by Wally Cassidy. Read a Q&A with the photographer here, buy his book The Other Half Lives here or go see his exhibition at the Little Museum of Dublin before September 7.

Meanwhile, here’s a first look at this year’s Electric Picnic site map. Keep an eye on The Irish Times all week for first looks at this year’s day by day and stage by stage line-ups and times.

Put your headphones on: how different kinds of music affect your productivity. Be good to see a survey which examines the impact of different music at different times of the day.

Camden’s last rock star: “Daniel Jeanrenaud comes on in a sparkly pinstripe suit, rockabilly quiff and the kind of faux-snakeskin shoes usually reserved for West African pimps on their way to church.”

Mailing list of the week: really enjoying the daily updates from The Conversation, a selection of news, views and analysis from academics worldwide.

Law & order: a history of police uniforms down the ages

Who are the people in your neighbourhood? Why more and more US neighbourhoods are using the Nextdoor social media app to keep an eye on their street.

Outkast are coming to Co Laois! We’re looking forward to seeing what snaps from Stradbally end up in Big Boi’s Instagram tour feed. Dude digged Budapest

One more tune: why artists from Pink Floyd to Coldplay like to add a little unadvertised extra to the end of their albums.

The surreal experience of receiving texts and calls from militant Islamist group Al-Shabab

Thre but for the grace of Gad: the neuroscience behind typos. Bonus typographical SNAFUS: the fascinating history of auto-correct

The rave years: the smashing XL label is marking 25 years in business at the moment with a great new compilation “Pay Close Attention”. Here’s label boss Richard Russell and The Prodigy’s Keith Flint on the good old days

Fascinating look behind the scenes at the technology involved in maintaining New York’s Times Square as the most expensive advertising real estate in the world

Chicken or beef: why there’s no screen in the back of the seat in front of you on many new planes

Great interview with Orange Is the New Black showrunner Jenji Kohan. “You can only whine for so long, and then you go and you do something else”

Delinquent promoters, part 10,809: forensic breakdown of the impending fall of former superclub brand Gatecrasher.

Startime! There may be a new James Brown bio-pic Get On Up on the way to your screens, but here’s the real thing. From 1964, filmed at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium during the Teenage Awards Music International show. Read David Remnick’s fantastic piece about the show here (and how the Rolling Stones had to follow Brown onstage) and watch it below