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We Are Dublin enters the ring

A new quarterly publication focuses on life in the capital

Dublin doorways from We Are Dublin

Wed, Aug 6, 2014, 09:36


As we know from a recent Banter, people who live, work and play in Dublin are quite interested in how the media cover their city. We’re interested in why some things get covered and others get ignored. Some of us are keen to know about the new places to go to get a decent sambo, but many of us are also keen to know more about what makes the city really tick. And we’re always on the look out for new angles on the city from our media. (By the way, you can listen to a podcast of the evening here or read a transcription of the proceedings, courtesy of Mike Ussher at The Quarter, here).

Enter We Are Dublin, a new quarterly magazine about the capital from the We Are Here team, who’ve produced similar publications about Dubai, Kathmandu and Bangkok. It’s a beautifully designed journal, full of strong, striking photography (like the shot on the cover below which was taken by editor Conor Purcell) with a real attention to detail in terms of layout and page mark-up.

But the real strength of We Are Dublin lies in the words on the page. You get good, solid reads on the League Of Ireland, Cabra, the early days of Dublin rave culture, how to guides on running a clothes shop and writing a play and the role played by the first Dubin city architect Herbert Simms in developing the city’s social housing stock. The standout piece is Rob Doyle’s return to his childhood home in the ‘burbs via the 27a bus. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll add Doyle’s reently published debut novel Here Are the Young Men to your reading list on the back of this piece.

The first issue is launched tomorrow evening. We look forward to seeing and reading more from We Are Dublin in the future.