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Tunes from Little Dragon, Blaze, Perfect Pussy, Lykke Li and Mick Flannery

Little Dragon

Fri, May 16, 2014, 08:50


Little Dragon “Nabuma Rubberband” (Because)

Superb series of moody, textured grooves and atmospherics.

Mick Flannery “Get What You Give” (Universal Ireland)

Album number four “By the Rule” moves the Corkman up several steps on the ace songwriter ladder.

Lykke Li “I Never Learn” (Atlantic)

The Swedish for the bues.

Perfect Pussy “Candys Room” (Rookie)

Your new favourite noise-punk racket-makers rip Bruce Springsteen’s tune a new one.

Blaze “My Beat” (Slip N Slide)

Glorious, spiritual, mesmerising house music from 1998