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What’s in The Ticket today – and your plugs

The best in music and movies (and Coldplay, unfortunately) from The Irish Times

Four men walk into a bar…

Fri, May 9, 2014, 08:15


Coldplay: anyone for some musical Marmite?

The Two Faces of January: a decade on from his star-making turn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Viggo Mortensen remains considerably nonplussed by fame

Irish clubbing: the underground clubs putting their faith in local musicians and DJs rather than booking the big international names on the circuit

Next Goal Wins: the story of the world’s worst football team – and the world’s first trans-sexual international footballer.

Chromeo: Q&A with David “Dave 1” Macklovitch about new album “White Women” and other affairs of state

Plus CD reviews (including Tune-Yards, The Black Keys, Quantic, Black Stone Cherry, Future, Rodgrigo y Gabriela, Big September, “Gipsy Rhumba”, Sue Rynhart, Bobby Avey, Tiny Ruins, Louise Mulcahy etc), film reviews (Frank, The Wind Rises, Next Goal Wins, Advanced Style, Sabotage, Before the Winter Chill), games, apps, listings, movie quiz, news and much, much more.

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The OTR plugs service is now open for business. Please feel free to plug and recommend stuff away to your heart’s content, but remember some simple rules: (a) declare an interest where one should be declared, (b) plugs are accepted on the whim of OTR and may be edited for length/clarity/common sense and (c) plugs which mention a commercial sponsor are really ads and will probably not be published in this slot. The Eurovision, eh?