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Tunes to kick off your weekend from Mark E, Schoolboy Q, Fatima, GotSome and Beck

Is this the Wild Atlantic Way, guys? Beck takes in the view

Fri, Feb 28, 2014, 09:02


Mark E “Bog Dance” (Ghostly)

Slo-mo house magnificence from forthcoming album “Product of Industry”

Schoolboy Q “Oxymoron” (Top Dawg)

Hard knock life rhymes and observations from the latest Black Hippy crewman to step into the mainstream limelight

GotSome “Bassline” (Defected)

Mo’ wobbly minimalist house bang for all the bucks

Fatima “Family” (Eglo)

Sweet jazzy pop shuffles on a future summertime anthem

Beck “Morning Phase” (Capitol)

Beck Hansen dives back into those “Sea Change” waters again for an album of deep, contemplative, slow-burning magnificence.