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Carter the unstoppable start-up machine

Troy Carter may no longer be managing Lady Gaga but he’s not licking his wounds as recent profiles show

Fri, Jan 17, 2014, 09:51


The Troy Carter reinvention is go. The lengthy pieces on Lady Gaga’s ex-manager of late point to someone keen to show he’s moved on.

It’s clear that Carter has a ton of stuff on the go and is not sobbing over the departure of Gaga and her Little Monsters. There are other clients to manage (John Legend, John Mayer, Lindsey Stirling and newbies The Ceremonies), a new “healthy soda” called Pop Water to flog and over 50 investments in companies like Uber, Lyft, Dropbox and Fab to manage. It really is Carter the unstoppable start-up machine.

Of course, the placing of both pieces might well be fortuitous timing, but you get the feeling that Carter is too smart to leave such things to chance. It’s his memo to the gallery: he’s doing fine without the one act everyone associates with him.

It all shows again that music management is a changing game. Between the likes of Carter with his burgeoning portfolio and the big management companies like Quest, Q-Prime, Rocket and ATC, the days of the manager with just one act or iron in the fire are over. You use your big star as the draw to bring in other acts or businesses.

If you’re in the management business at any level, you’re looking to branch out. Look at Daniel Ryan, for instance, the ex-member of Irish band The Thrills who has moved from music management (he works with Little Green Cars, Bleeding Heart Pigeons and Other Creatures) into operating a juice bar called Ness.

While Carter may be quietly rueing the commissions he’s no longer raking in from Gaga, the public stance is that he’s moved on and not missing her in the least. After all, given the lack of social media activity noted in the pieces, he’s unlikely to have unfollowed or unfriended her like most of us would have done so he has to get her attention somehow.