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New Music – De Lux, Racing Glaciers, Alec Benjamin

New music for you to check out from Los Angeles, Macclesfield and Arizona

De Lux

Thu, Jan 16, 2014, 09:48


Here are the latest New Music selections from the On The Record column in tomorrow’s edition of The Ticket. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.

De Lux

Los Angeles duo Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco make bright, breezy, twisty, punky disco as if their spiritual home was the DFA label. Their five-track debut EP is now out on Scion Audio Visual and their debut album follows later this year on Innovative Leisure. More cowbell in the monitors please!

Racing Glaciers

The first ever band to be featured in these pages from Macclesfield, Racing Glaciers will be appearing on a lot of radars in the coming months if they keep producing tunes as evocative and infectious as “New Country”. Here’s hoping that the rest of their “Ahead of you Forever” EP due next month contains similarly coloured gems.

Alec Benjamin

From Phoenix, Arizona, Alec Benjamin is not a great believer in giving too much away. For once, though, the “leave it to the music” angle does work and the teenage music student at the University of Southern California and Eminem fan’s tunes like “America”, “Animal” (below) and “Beautiful Pain” are magnificently moody and full-bodied.