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OTR at CultureTECH

We’re in Derry – and it’s not raining!

Wed, Sep 11, 2013, 15:14


Blog coverage will be a bit sketchy over the next few days as we’re hard at work at CultureTECH in Derry. Yes, ‘hard at work’.

Aside from Banter sessions tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, I’m also hosting a bunch of talks and interviews during the main conference. We’ve already had a fascinating opening festival discussion with Scott Stulen (Internet Cat Video Festival, Walker Art Centre) and Drew Hemment (Future Everything festival) about the culture of technology and the mesmerising, messy Venn diagram between art, culture and technology.

There was also a great chat with Wilson Kriegel about his career from working on an oil rig off the California coast as a 16 year old through stints at Enron, OMGPop and Zynga to his current berth at PalTalk. Tomorrow, it’s this dude.

Check the massive CultureTECH programme for more details.