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Electric Picnic: it’s all over

We’re out of Stradbally until 2014

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Mon, Sep 2, 2013, 04:17


As is customary, this blog post is coming to you from a shebeen somewhere in the middle of a field in Co Laois on Sunday night/Monday morning. The vibes are great, the grog is flowing (our chosen grog on this occasion is Old Jamaica ginger beer spiked with apple juice) and the stories about things seen and unseen at the Electric Picnic are only mighty (my legal advisers has ordered me to delete the stories about the live music booker, the Dublin local radio station manager and especially the one about the music PR).

Anyway, it’s over or, seeing as there’s a lot of messing going on here, nearly over. You will find the reviews, news and views of the last three days and nights from the awesome team of Daily Ticket writers and reviewers here. Some brilliant pieces of criticism there for you to read.

But right now, it’s over to you. Your thoughts, words, views, grumbles and raves from Electric Picnic 2013. We’re all ears. Bartender, we’ll have one of those nojitos please when you’re ready.