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The back-to-school shopping wrap

The Wilco business model, New York street photography, making TV in the age of Twitter, how to become a music journalist, The Odd Future managers and Mike D kicks it with the fashion business

The train was late. Photo by Martha Cooper from the Everybody Street documentary

Tue, Aug 13, 2013, 10:15


Superb piece about the business of Wilco, a piece which has inspired this revealing conversation about the business of being a musician in the Spotify age.

One for your bookmarks: the music industry explained.

One for IRMA’s bookmarks: the history of Pirate Bay

Meet Christian and Kelly Clancy, the couple who work with the Odd Future clan and have helped to turn that coterie of brats into an unlikely business.

Disclosure on the radio: here’s the Lawrence brothers’ Essential Mix from the other night on BBC Radio One. See The Ticket on Friday for an interview about their awesome debut album “Settle”

Career advice: how to become a music hack. Hmmmm….come back to me about this, alright?

Small screen stories: making TV dramas in the Twitter age. Speaking of which, Low Winter Sun should probably be added to your must-see TV list.

How to kill music piracy: a lesson from Norway

Nialler9 hits west Cork: N9 hooks up with Feels Good Lost for some live shenanigans in Connolly’s of Leap next Saturday night with I Am the Cosmos (lush debut album “Monochrome” out now), Toby Kaar and Daithi plus DJ sets from Stevie G, Floating Joints and the bearded number-fixated blogger himself.

Mike D vs the fashion industry

Bandtips: how an act should deal with bad reviews. One of the bands mentioned in Lauren Murphy’s piece should take note of this. Or just grow up.

For the promoters and agents in the audience: ROFLOL

Idea for the media business (part 23,098): “we need the internet equivalent of a Metro Card (in London: an Oyster Card), which is to say, a pass that the reader can preload with so many prepaid page views — say 100 page views for $10 — and then use to access individual pieces of paid content on any participating publisher’s website”

How many of these logos from a couple of years ago do you remember?

Trailer for the Everybody Street documentary, which chronicles work of New York photographers like Martha Cooper, Jamel Shabazz, Ricky Powell, Martha Cooper and others

How to treat FOMO

Are indie labels price-gouging when it comes to vinyl releases?

The death of protest music – and the rise of the protest tweet

Hitch time: 25 Alfred Hitchcock trailers as short films

In praise of selfies. I know, “selfies”. Teenage kicks.

What’s next for Shazam? I really think it’s time for Shazam for Faces. Meanwhile, also from the “what’s next” department, here are the Rap Genius dudes on their future plans.

Inside Al Jazeera America

Disruption deluxe: what retailers can learn from the music industry. Yeah, even this.

Hip-hop is getting old

When radio stunts go wrong: how a pair of Australian radio DJs’ prank call turned into a tragedy.

Give it up for Willie Wright, y’all.