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Oxegen 2013: it’s on

We can expect more line-up announcements soon, now that Festival Republic have lodged a planning application for a two-day event in Co Kildare

Mon, Apr 15, 2013, 14:00


Proof continues to arrive that we can welcome Oxegen back to Punchestown Racecourse this summer. Last week, we had acts like Calvin Harris (above) and Jack Beats saying they’re on the way. This week, we have the public notice for the Oxegen licence turning up in Naas (thanks to Ciaran L for the heads-up)

It’s back, baby – photo by Neil P Walsh

It’s interesting to note that it’s Festival Republic and not MCD which are fronting this. That’s the same set-up we’ve seen with this year’s shows in the Phoenix Park too. Significantly too, there has been a 37.5 per cent reduction in capacity. Oxegen used to always hype itself as an 80,000 event (though it hadn’t attracted such numbers in years), but 50,000 seems a lot more do-able sales-wise in the current economic climate.

Prediction: this one will sell out with ease if the bookers stick with a dance/pop/hip-hop booking policy. There’s a huge audience in Ireland for a festival of this ilk and no-one else is tailoring an event of similar scope or scale for this market.