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New on Radio OTR this week

The latest additions to the Radio OTR playlist

Wed, Feb 27, 2013, 14:00


Two radio stations for the price of one: yesterday, we relaunched The Far Side on OTR and, today, it’s time for our weekly Radio OTR re-up. This week, we have a guest programmer in the shape of Joey Cullen-Tinley who was doing work experience at OTR last week. His additions to the playlist include Daft Punk, Hans Zimmer, DJ Sneak, Clint Mansell, Radiohead, Beach House, Gorillaz, Carbon Airway, Madeone, The Kinks, Portishead, The Smiths and much more. Press play on the big button to the right of this post and check out Joey’s selections. All feedback and requests welcome in the comments below.