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The randomiser is back, back, back!

They came, they saw, they kept the strobe lights on: Factory Floor’s Dublin debut on Saturday night at Tripod could well have been mistaken for something else given the amount of beer promos in the venue and especially on the …

Mon, Feb 6, 2012, 08:52


They came, they saw, they kept the strobe lights on: Factory Floor’s Dublin debut on Saturday night at Tripod could well have been mistaken for something else given the amount of beer promos in the venue and especially on the stage (and yes, the band noticed too). Playing at a meat-and-two-veg indie night like Banquet was always going to be slightly incongruous, yet the band’s creeping menace, basstastic boom and thumping psychedelic raves conquered all. They’re back for Forbidden Fruit in June.

Wow, bet you didn’t see this coming: M.I.A. is just so damn predictable

Make your own randomiser! The randomiser appears here every couple of weeks, but I know that many of you are probably looking for reading material and interesting links on a more regular basis so it’s time for some randomiser DIY. I get my links and stories from a huge number of sources and some of best (free) digests for me are The Daily Chord (SXSW’s daily news round-up), CMU Daily (Complete Music Update’s daily email bulletin covering everything, per themselves, from copyright shenanigans” to “incidents of tabloid note”), Media ReDEFined (fantastic media, entertainment and technology newsfeed from Jason Hirschhorn) and the new Daily Music/Tech Digest (PIAS Head of Digital Darren Hemmings’s round-up of music and tech news). Sign up and get reading.

I’m sure we’ll be able to add a few to this list of spats between pop stars and pundits before the day is out.

Speaking of SXSW, it’s nearly that time of year again (memo to self: hire the bike). If you have any bands you want to tip from this monster list of acts playing the music fest, please do so. I’ll also be out there for the film and interactive conferences too – good to see that Irish start-up 45Sound has made the final of the Music Accelerator competition, where they battle the likes of Onesheet and Swarm.fm for the crown.

Content aggregation kills!

Bizarre music festival story of the month: the well-regarded End of the Road festival have moved to deny claims, which initially arose on this thread, that they have links to the Church of Scientology. “Two of the directors are scientologists”, goes the statement. “The remaining directors and management are not. End of the Road has no connection with the Church of Scientology, financial or otherwise. None. In any case, philosophical inclinations are personal and have nothing to do with a music festival. Anyone who has been to an End of the Road Festival will already know that.” OTR is now wondering about possible murky connections between certain Irish festivals and the Mormons.

The story of FAME studios and the Muscle Shoals’ sound.

Quantos jazzers que é preciso para trocar uma lâmpada? Improvised Music Company’s 12 Points jazz-fest takes up resident in Porto from February 16 to 19. Anyone who fancies some spring jazz fest tourism can feast their ears on such acts as Actuum, Machinebirds, Girls In Airports, Divanhana, Livio Manafra and many more.

The lay of the land at YouTube

More festivals out foreign: we had a blast at The Great Escape last year in Brighton. Those who fancy some rock’n'roll by the sea this year should put May 10 to 12 in their diaries when acts like Friends, Zulu Winter, Grimes, Eagulls, Perfume Genius, Francois & The Atlas Mountains, Young Magic (we love Young Magic) and hundreds more will be playing.

It’s the online newspaper heavyweight wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am contest of the year between the New York Times (that’s either the incredible shrinking NY Times or the media corp with the successful digital strategy which has landed 400k subs, depending on where you click) and the Daily Mail (the Yanks explain the Daily Mail to the Yanks). And here are the scores on the doors.

10 threats to the golden age of the internet. We hear that IRMA and Sean Sherlock took the 11 and 12 slots.

What’s the easiest way to get an act to send you their brand new album before they release it so you can leak it on the interwebs? Er, send them an email asking for it.

We must sort out an aul’ Tumblr now that we’ve finally said goodbye to Bebo (you have seen The Ticket Tumblr, right? Shamefully, The Ticket never had a Bebo page). In the meantime, some words of wisdom from Mr Tumblr

Or maybe we should start a Pinterest page first? Here’s why the new social media whizzkid, which allows people to pin stuff they like on a page, is spreading like ragweed.

OTR’s favourite new word. Yeah, we’ve juvenile like that.

Holy crowdfunding! 10 per cent of the films at Sundance this year were funded via Kickstarter. Will be interesting to look at similar group stats for Fundit in the future. Meanwhile, the flicks that got the applause and love at Sundance.

The future of journalism, part 23,597: “how a tightly paywalled, social-media-ignoring, anti-copy-paste, gossipy news site became a dominant force in Nova Scotia”. Would you pay $360 per year for the Tipperary Star?

Why teens share passwords. And, more teenage kicks, teen pirate vs the FBI.

There’s a reason behind labels launch acts in January and it ain’t the BBC Sound of Whenever poll. Per Adam Sherwin, you launch in January because it only takes 30,000 album sales to get to the top of the charts. The sub may have to rewrite that headline after this story.

Anyone care to hazard a guess about what class of a yoke is the Google device? Our money is on a wi-fi enabled pager.

And finally…. Hill Street is JJ Rolfe and Dave Leahy’s documentary on Irish skateboard culture, based largely around Clive Rowen’s legendary shop on Hill Street in the north inner city. It’s screening at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival on February 19 and here’s a taste of what to expect.  

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