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So hot right now: interesting piece from the Observer about how the age of the self-starter is inspiring hundreds of new UK businesses to have a go. Which brings us neatly to Young Guns Go For It, the Banter on …

Tue, Mar 8, 2011, 09:55


So hot right now: interesting piece from the Observer about how the age of the self-starter is inspiring hundreds of new UK businesses to have a go. Which brings us neatly to Young Guns Go For It, the Banter on new Irish businesses, which happens this Thursday at the Twisted Pepper, Dublin 1. Full info here – sign up now because it’s going to be a lively discussion.

Why bands still need labels (and why labels still need bands like Elbow, obviously). Meanwhile, here’s Amanda Ghost, the woman responsible for hoisting James Blunt on the world, on her tenure at the helm of Epic Records.

From the department of pot, kettle, black: Ticketmaster boss Nathan Hubbard calls shenanigans on secondary ticketing agency StubHub, while conveniently ignoring the fact that Ticketmaster also have a dog in the secondary ticketing fight

Not so hot right now: admitting that you played gigs for the Gadaffi family. Usher joins Beyonce, Nelly Furtado and Mariah Carey on the list of musicians going “ooops, my bad” about shilling for some Libyan cash. OTR confidently expects some pop star to blame illegal file-sharing for forcing them to gig for Gadaffi.

One for all the journalists in the audience. Yes, it’s OK to admit it, we’ve all had those dictaphone and tape-recorder SNAFUs. Which reminds me, why the hell has no-one yet come up with a foolproof, simple way to use a bloody computer to transcribe interviews?

Reasons to be cheerful for voting yes to Lisbon: good news from the Eurosonic festival as they confirm a a grant of €2.1 million from the European Union bean-counters for the European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP) which assists and supports Eurosonic acts to get bookings at 60 European summer festivals. This means that the program will continue for at least five more years with plans now to expand the number of participating festivals to 100. We’re also hearing that there will be a big spotlight on Irish acts for Eurosonic 2012 so keep your eyes peeled for more on this.

God save the Queen! Per Reuters, all fees usually charged for the public use of music are to be waived by the PRS for street parties on April 29 to coincide with the royal wedding across the Irish Sea (a land which obviously still believes in unicorns, ogres and England winning the World Cup again to go along with their royalist tendencies). “We want to help the nation enjoy this special event and not have to worry about getting a License for this one-off period,” said Keith Gilbert, director of public performance sales for the PRS. Any Irish bands want to make sure they get paid for public performance of their tunes on the big day? This could be an international incident in the making.

More potential international incidents ahoy. Not so much in incoming Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel chewing the fat about his musical likes, but rather in what Sun-Times pop critic Thomas Conner has to say. Dude, David Gray is not Irish. You can pin the blame on this little nation for a lot of things, but not that numptie, OK?

It’s dotcom boom 2.0! Meanwhile, a dotcom boom 1.0 survivor sighs loudly about this return to stupidland.

JMJ, it’s another boom. Record label dude (it has to be a dude) admits they’re making “millions” from YouTube right now. You got to be quick because here comes the bust: BigChampagne big cheese Eric Garland throws a bucket of cold water over that notion.

Proof that there will always be clients for John Galliano….

From the Live Nation trenches: the company has reported losses of over $228 million for 2010 blaming a weak touring season due to fans staying away because of high ticket prices. Now, there’s an obvious solution to that – can you see what it is yet, readers? Meanwhile, we wait for white smoke from Dun Laoghaire as the Live Nation/MCD marriage talks rumble on.

We wrote a few weeks ago about the Red Bull Music Academy, which will be taking place in Toyko in October and November of this year. Potential producers and musicians who are planning to apply for this highly recommended bootcamp are invited to check their heads at a special RBMA workshop evening at Block T, Smithfield, Dublin 7 (you can leave your horse outside) on March 19 featuring All City Records’ boss Olan O’Brien and singer-songwriter David Kitt. There will also be an exhibition of work by Limerick photographer and artist Brian Cross AKA B+. To reserve your spot at the RBMA Workshop, email info@choicecuts.com or there’s more info here.

And finally, it’s Mardi Gras! Yes, it’s also Shrove Tuesday and International Women’s Day but they’re getting ready to let the good times roll in New Orleans. We have a Mardi Gras special on The Far Side tonight and you can expect to hear tunes like this.

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